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4 Inexpensive at Home Date Night Ideas

A huge component of “adulting” is being financially responsible. This means cutting back on how much you spend on a date night on a regular basis, as realistically going out for a nice date can run you $60 and up every single time. Being financially savvy means saving those coins and prioritizing your spending. However, this doesn’t mean that you are relegated to no dates or boring dates. It just means you have to be creative about your penny-pinching date nights.

Here’s a list of my favourite inexpensive date night ideas that I execute right at home with the hubby.

Game night

Couple playing video games

Admittedly, this is one of my absolute favourites. Game night can bring out your competitive spirit and lots of laughter. Add a cheap bottle of wine and a frozen pizza or Chicken Tenders and fries and this can be a casual yet super fun date. Here are some of our favourite two-player games;

  • Jenga – this game is just downright hilarious as you will the blocks not to fall on your try.
  • Scattegories – funny arguments will ensue as you debate whether some words are real or not.
  • Scrabble – this is another hilarious game where words are often created and disputed with a dictionary.
  • Old fashioned cards**Pro Tip: You can get a deck of cards at the dollar store for $1-$2 **
  • Video Games – If you’re both into video games why not challenge each other to a game off? (Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4)

This type of date night does come with the initial investment cost of the game, but once you’ve bought it you can utilize it for many years. Alternatively, you or someone within your network may already own one of these games – borrow if need be. Estimated cost (with new game) $22-$40 / Estimated cost (without game) $20

Make Dinner Together

Couple cooking

Now, this is an awesome date for several reasons – you get to see how handy your significant other is in the kitchen, and well you get to eat yummy food (hopefully!). The plus of this date is that preparing a meal together requires cooperation and communication. It’s a great opportunity to get to know someone better as it forces you to chat while you work and you also chat while eating dinner.

Pick you or your significant others fave meal and prepare it together then eat it. It’s really that simple. Use ingredients that you already have! Or grab inexpensive ingredients – there are tons of dinners you can make for under $20. Add a cheap bottle of wine. Alternatively, you can suggest your date bring the alcoholic beverage as their contribution. Estimated cost: $15-$30

**Pro Tip – Use Pinterest to search for restaurant worthy inexpensive meal recipes.

Spa Night

Couple enjoying fruit in bed

Okay I lied, game night isn’t actually my favourite – Spa night is! Now, this is a very sensual date. This is a night at home dedicated to treating each other right. Set to candle-light and romantic music, alternate giving each other full body massages with aromatic oils. Fill the night with tantalizing finger foods that you can feed each other. Sip on some wine. Enjoy each others presence, and more imortantly body’s.  Estimated cost $25

Netflix and Chill

Couple watching Netflix

This is one date night fave that will not go out of style anytime soon. Netflix is a service you likely already have and get plenty use of. Everybody loves a good movie or a tv show binge right? Add some microwave popcorn, snacks (chips, little debbie treats), some beer/wine and a cozy blanket and you’ve got an awesomely chill night. Estimated cost: $15 – $20


Being an adult who’s financially responsible doesn’t mean your social life has to suffer. Try one or all of the inexpensive d above date night options and take your adulting to the next level.


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