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Budget-friendly Ways to Spice Up your Work Wardrobe

You’ve finally faced the harsh reality that your wardrobe is dated. The simplest solution? Shopping spree! Unfortunately, your budget doesn’t currently allow for an all out wardrobe update. So, how do you add new life to your closet without spending a ton of money you don’t add? You make small budget friendly purchases that will add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe.


Adding a smart and stylish watch will draw peoples attention away from your outfit and to your wrist candy! Play with colour and texture – this can be an amazing compliment to your outfit adding a new dimension that creates a whole new look.


Statement Scarves

The versatility of the scarf has grown exponentially over the past few years. So much so that the scarf has become the statement piece of an outfit as opposed to a secondary accessory. Add a beautiful scarf as the statement piece to one of your boring old outfits. Be bold with print and colour.


Statement Necklaces

The statement necklace is real! By adding a bold necklace to any outfit you draw all the focus and attention to your beautiful neck. It’s also an amazing way to add a pop of colour and/or texture to any tired old outfit.


Cardigan Love

The cardigan may be one of my word wardrobe absolute faves. It’s an awesome way to add colour or print to an outfit. Wear it closed or opened. Layer it over collared shirts. Add a belt over it. Spice it up with a brooch. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is clear it can add so much personality to a boring outfit.


All these items can add some much-needed spice to a dull wardrobe. Feel free to mix and match some of these items for maximum effect. For additional umph note that sunglasses, earrings and nail polish can add that extra edge to any outfit. Happy updating!


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