The Business of Being Social: Top 5 Tips for Brand Success On Social Media

The Business of Being Social: Top 5 Tips for Brand Success On Social Media


“If you have a business you need to have a social media presence.” You’ve probably heard this sentiment more times than you’d like to acknowledge. However, as cliché as it may seem the sentiment is absolutely true.

Our society has moved away from searching the yellow pages in the phonebook to searching social pages when seeking a brand or service. With this in mind, it is undeniable that having a social media presence is a must.

The thought of navigating the world of social media can be daunting for some, but the following tips will make your transition easier.

1.  Go Where The People Are

A key part of running a successful business is having done your homework, i.e. market research. Defining the who, the what, the when, and the where is crucial. You need to be clear on who your target audience is and what social media networks are they using. Many people think you need to be on EVERY single platform, but in reality you only need to be on the ones where your voice will most resonate with your audience.

2.  Every Social Media Network Is NOT Created Equal

Please refrain from the urge to post exactly the same content across all social networks. This is a huge NO as duplicating content provides consumers with no reason to follow your brand on multiple networks. Each social network has a different purpose and appeal and your content should reflect this nuance. For instance, Instagram is a visual network that is all about high-quality images. It would be counter-intuitive to post long form content that requires lots of reading here as the audience on Instagram is seeking visual content with minimal text.

3.  Be Consistent!

It’s not enough just to be online. You have to be active and consistent on social media. Make your presence count! Consumers follow and share brands that have something to show and tell. Remember, social media is a form of entertainment for users, so posting regular content to engage users will keep them interested in your brand and what it has to offer.

4.  Provide Value

While the ultimate goal of an online presence may be for increased profit, your social media profiles should reflect the consumer’s interests, not your businesses. Nobody enjoys a constant sales pitch. Therefore, your social media accounts need to provide value to the consumer. There’s an art to being subtle. You may want to consider showcasing your products/service in use or sharing industry related articles and trends. Another strategy to explore is to connect with social influencers. There are so many ways to creatively showcase and sell your product without being the proverbial pushy used car salesman.

5.  #CreateAHashtag

One great opportunity to connect your brand with your customers is by creating a unique and personalized hashtag that represents your brand. Encourage customers to interact with your brand through your personal hashtag. For example, they can post photos of themselves at your location and/or utilizing your products and use the hashtag. It’s a great strategy that allows customers to curate content for you. Don’t be afraid to repost or engage with great customer-generated content.

While all these tips are extremely helpful in ensuring your brand is the best it can be on social media, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should showcase your brand’s personality and have fun! Social media is an exciting and creative online environment. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Brands that showcase a human element are the ones that see the most success online.

Disclaimer: This article was originally posted on the RED Academy Medium publication via my personal Medium account, November 2016.


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