Digital First Impressions: You Only Get One Chance, Make It Count!

Digital First Impression: You Only Get One Chance, Make It Count!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, when the term first impression was used it referred to the first time you literally met someone. Those days are long gone. Now, a first impression is often a digital one.

Digital first impressions count!

People now assess your online presence; social media, websites, articles etc. and analyze who you are. This digital first impression is often the deciding factor of whether or not they even want to meet you (especially where job interviews are concerned). 

The reality is, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Ensure you make yours count.

Here’s a checklist that will guarantee your digital first impression is a great one.

Privacy Settings Are Your Best Friend

Although this is a digital world, it doesn’t necessarily mean everybody needs to have access to everything. Consider making online profiles that may be a bit untamed private. Keep them under lock and key. While on the other hand having your public profiles well curated and only displaying the best of you.

Post Quality Content

Whatever you post is a reflection on yourself. With that said post articles and other content that will resonate and have a positive impact. Ensure your photos are appropriate, clear, and crisp.

Consistency is Key

A digital first impression is a representation of your brand. Let it be a positive one. Have all your profile names identical this way you are easier to find across them all. And it shows you really put some thought into the creation of your profiles by being consistent.

Self Audit

Attention to detail is important. Every so often auditing yourself is necessary. Visit all your profiles, google yourself…Is what you see a positive representation of yourself? Is this how you would like the World to see you? Would you hire yourself? If the answers are yes, ten you’re on your way to making a wonderful digital first impression!





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