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Find Your Tribe: The Importance of Like-Minded Friends

Find Your Tribe
We hear the phrase “Find your tribe” echoed constantly, especially among women. There’s even a million and one empowering memes to match, but what does “Find your tribe” truly mean? What is the message being conveyed to women, and the general populace?
For me, the epithet “tribe” refers to your people. In this case, like-minded people. Your tribe is your group of friends who share similar values and goals in life. So why is the ideal of “Finding your tribe” so important?

Your Tribe is your Support System

When you’re making advancements in life you want to surround yourself with supportive friends who respect the vision and the hustle because they have their own similar positive advancements happening. You want a squad that can cheer you on when deserved, and who can school you when needed. It’s about having people in your corner who have your best interest at heart, and who don’t see you as competition.

Your Tribe will Inspire You

The reality is, when you spend time with your tribe it has a direct impact on your own mindset. It will motivate and inspire you. Seeing those around you growing and achieving success will inspire you to do the same. This is especially helpful when you experience moments of self doubt. Positive energy is contagious, so surround yourself with it.

Your Tribe will Educate You

Because your tribe is like-minded doesn’t mean you will all have the same skill set. Your tribe will have varied backgrounds and different levels of education. This means that you all can be an educational resource for each other. You will by extension get knowledge and skills from each other that you never had. With quality people the possibilities are endless.

Value Your Tribe

Never underestimate the value of finding your tribe. It can add worth to your life in ways you may not expect. It’s important that you cherish that fact. Having a tribe isn’t solely about the benefits you can reap from it’s members. It’s also about the value you can bring to the group as well. Remember empowered people, empower others.


    • Janelle Powell 19 March, 2018 at 15:45 Reply

      Great question Sajid. Usually I would get prompts to assess based on mmy friends behaviour. The reality is sometimes you might realize that your friends may not be supportive of your efforts to grow – which is a red flag. You also realize you are outgrowing your friends – you are progressing and they are remaining stagnant. Another red flag is friends who seem to be jealous of your growth/success, and also friends who want to compete in a negative manner. It’s not to say any one of these would be a sole reason to drop a friend. But you can usually see a combination that will make you realize that it’s time to move on.
      In terms of adding to my tribe…I usually welcome people who are like-minded, really positive, supportive, we vibe well, and there’s lots that I can learn from them.

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