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My Fitness Journey: The Road To Becoming A Healthy Woman

My Fitness Journey: The Road to Becoming A Healthy Woman

We’re now halfway through the second month of 2017 and like many millions of other people, I vowed to live a healthy lifestyle in 2017. I often joke that I have to as my son is turning 1 next month and I can no longer use pregnancy as an excuse for being overweight, or medically obese if I’m being honest.

I can’t blame my weight gain solely on pregnancy. At the time that I had gotten pregnant, I was already significantly overweight and my pregnancy weight gain just stacked onto an already existing problem. So here I am, 11 months after giving birth with the goal of losing 60lbs. Pretty big feat.

I’ve been here before, fitness and being healthy is not a concept that is new to me. Regardless of this fact it is still admittedly a struggle. Bad habits are hard to break…or so it seems.

For me, the goal is a complete lifestyle change. This isn’t a fad. It’s not temporary.  I have a son to consider now, and I want to be around for him. I have committed to wholeheartedly change my life. What that means is I have to develop habits that I can commit to long term.

Support Team

My hubby is my rock. He works in fitness. Has studied fitness. I’m living with an amazing resource that’s eager to assist me. He’s right there beside me every step of the way. If I’m eating healthy, he eats healthy too. He encourages me to workout and has created workout plans that take into consideration my schedule. Having that person who’s right there with you and rooting you own makes the world of a difference and helps keep you committed to your goal. He definitely motivates me and keeps me on track.


“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.”  As such, I’ve been placing a huge emphasis on the way I eat. I completed “The Military Diet”. This diet is extremely strict. It’s a week long low carb diet. Not the most enjoyable diet on the planet. It’s not designed to be a long-term diet option. It was admittedly difficult to stay committed to the plan, but it taught me so much about my eating habits. It was the shock to the system I needed. The main thing I learned was that I was overeating. My portion control was extremely off. Eating less, and eating smaller portions showed me I didn’t actually require so much food to be full. I also noticed that my body just felt better when I wasn’t eating as much. Coming to this realization allowed me to make positive changes to my eating habits even after I completed the diet. Mainly, I implemented smaller portion. More vegetables and less carbs. Good fats versus bad fats. Just truly being thoughtful about every food item I place in my mouth.


I recently purchased a Fitbit Alta. Best decision ever. This “smart” device tracks my steps and activity. The app the accompanies it takes it a step further by allowing for the tracking of water intake, meals, and sleep. It also has the fun “challenges” feature. This allows you to compete with friends who also have Fitbit’s for the most steps. If you have a competitive spirit like me, this feature will definitely keep you motivated and moving.

Tip: If you purchase any of the FitBit products it does come with a standard silicone band. If you are a fashionista and want your Fitbit to match your style you can purchase replacement bands on websites such as Amazon or Wish for great prices. I purchased a stainless steel (gold coloured) band for mine to give it a more elegant look.

Janelle's FitBit Alta

Janelle’s FitBit Alta

I also purchased a digital scale from Walmart. It calculates body fat percentage, hydration, muscle mass and more. Added super cool feature is that you can set up profiles for each of your family members. Having a digital scale allows me to better track my weight and other key metrics on my journey to healthy.

hometrends super slim body fat/hydration digital scale

Hometrends Super Slim Body Fat/Hydration Digital Scale


My workouts have mainly consisted of body weight workouts and weight training. As a result of my demanding schedule, we’ve created 2 versions of my workouts. I do workouts in my home utilizing a yoga mat and my bodyweight that last approximately a 1/2hr. This is designed for days when I work at my office so I can bang through it immediately after I get home. The second version is free weight workout that I do in my condo gym on days when I work from home, and on weekends. Taking my work schedule and habits into consideration when planning my workouts ensures that I create a plan that I can actually commit to.

Following this regimen, I’ve managed to lose 9lbs over a one month period. There’s so much more to go. The journey is going to be a long one, but I’m motivated and committed to smashing this goal.


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