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The Importance of Self Care: Be The Best Version of You

The importance of Self Care

The idea of self-care escapes so many of us on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being mothers, sisters, daughters, wives etc but we forget to take time to take care of ourselves to ensure we are the best version we can possibly be. We get so caught up in all we have to do that sometimes we forget to do what’s most important for us. When we don’t take care ourselves not only do we suffer but those around us suffer as well. Lack of  Self-care can result in major mental and physical health issues which can affect your family, your career, your finances etc. It is so essential to take care of yourself and it only requires a few small yet powerful changes in your lifestyle. Here are some easy ways you can better take care of you.

Talk to Someone

Talk to someone

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We often bottle up so many feelings, and without releasing the pressure we’re bound to explode into an emotional mess. Speaking about your issues does not make you weak. It makes you a smart human being. Vent! Get it off your chest! If you don’t have a friend or family member you can confide in seek out resources;

  • Benefit programs offered through your employment often include a number of free telephone counseling sessions.
  • Local communities have anonymous helplines you can call in to.
  • Community organizations offer free group counseling sessions that you can join.
  • Priests/pastors are often available for counseling (if you’re religious).

Don’t Give All of Yourself to Others

Self-care- keep your glass full

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup” is the mantra you should live by. You have to fill your cup first. In other words, if you are not okay yourself, how can you possibly provide your best self to assist others? This notion is often misinterpreted as selfish but in reality it isn’t. Think about it…how can you successfully assist others if you fall ill or have a mental breakdown as a result of not taking care of yourself? When your glass is full you have something to share with others. Just ensure you’re continuously working on filling your glass. Never let it go empty.

Release your Stress


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Stress is a major contributing factor to many physical illnesses, so it is important to relieve yourself of it. Find that activity that releases the tension for you. Under no circumstance should you ever bottle it up. Of course, stress doesn’t just disappear on its own, so you need to discover an outlet for yourself. Many popular stress relievers that you can do on your own or in a group are;

  • Yoga – Try Daily Yoga this app comes with guided yoga workouts and meditation and even has classes for beginners.
  • Working Out – Try Nike+ Training club the app provides free guided workouts for a variety of fitness goals.
  • Dance
  • Meditation – Try InsightTimer an amazing free app with guided meditations.
  • Journaling

Also, note that having a poor work-life balance can contribute to stress. So creating more balance in that aspect of your life could be a potential stress reliever as well.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself

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We often rationalize that we aren’t worthy…that we don’t deserve certain things. Here’s the thing, you are worthy, you do deserve to be treated nicely, and you do deserve nice things. So, just do it! Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to be irresponsible, but every now and again you do need a reminder from yourself that you are awesome! This may come in the form of dinner at your favourite restaurant, a manicure, a new hairdo, a massage etc. Do what makes you feel good within reason. We all deserved to be pampered sometime!

Prioritizing how we treat our mind and our body is the absolute best investment we can make in ourselves. Life is more enjoyable for you and those around you when you are in great mental and physical health. Follow the tips above and start investing in your future today.



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