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My Top 3 Skincare Loves of the Moment

My top 3 skincare products at the moment

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to a skincare routine I am not religous. I was lucky enough to be blessed with fairly nice skin, and arrogant enough to not take the proper steps to take care of it the way that I should. However, as I get older this is changing for me. I do want my skin to age gracefully and a huge part of the part is dependent on how I care for my skin. With that said, I’ve started making an effort to get into a routine and take better care of my skin. My skin type would be classified as combination skin, and here’s a list of some of my fave products thus far.


Sephora Total Purify & Cleanse Gel: Green Tea Extract

Total Purify & Cleanse Gel: Green Tea Extract

I looooooove this! It boasts the ability to not only thoroughly cleanse and remove makeup—even long-wearing makeup—without drying the skin but also refines the skin’s texture and tightens pores. Skin is left clear, refreshed, and more radiant.  I have to say this is 100% true. When I cleanse my face using this product my skin is left feeling and looking extra clean and refreshed! It’s definitely a skincare essential, especially if you wear makeup. You can find the Total Purify & Clean Gel: Green Tea Extract at Sephora in store and online.



Foreo Luna Play

The Foreo Luna Play is an amazing bang for your buck facial cleansing brush. If your budget does permit for you to invest in an electronic brush that can run a couple hundred dollars then this is for you. With a $49CAD price tag, and a built-in battery. It can cover your facial cleansing needs for months on end. When I used my Foreo in unison with my Sephora Total Purify & Cleanse Gel the results were amazing. My skin was left feel incredibly clean, and amazingly smooth. The results were astounding! This is a mini brush that is smaller than the palm of your hand, but dont let the size fool you! It does a stellar job of taking care of your skincare needs. If this size is too small for you Foreo does offer larger options that range from $120-$230CAD. The Foreo Luna Play is available for purchase online and instore at Sephora, as well as Amazon and other retailers.

Elore Naturals 100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

Elore Naturals 100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

While the trendy mask right now are all these activated charcoal masks that are extremely hard to peel off, I’m loving on Elore Naturals 100% Dead Sea Mud Mask. This mask is packed with all the nutrient rich minerals pack in Dead Sea Mud. This mask will help improve circulation, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Something that as I age is becoming a concern for me. After I wash this mask off my skin looks like a I got a mini face lift! I love it! You can purchase the Elore Naturals 100% Pure Dead Sea Mask at Elore Naturals online store or at WholeFoods.

While these products work really well for me, I do have to acknowledge that we all have different skin types and different skincare needs. So what works for me, may in fact not work for you. So please take this as a recommendation only based on my experience.




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